Tucker Carlson pointed out the hypocrisy that comes with questioning the legitimacy of an election based on which political party won the race during his opening monologue on Monday night.

Florida Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott initially won the open seat, but days after the election, election supervisors in Broward and Palm Beach counties were still finding new — allegedly uncounted — votes. The GOP called foul two days later as supervisors allegedly refused to share where the additional ballots were originating and how many were left to count. But with the vote within half of a percent now, a recount is ongoing.

“Just last week, as you’ll remember, Republicans Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis defeated Democrats Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum in the Senate and gubernatorial races there. The results seemed to be conclusive at the time, they were reported on this and every other news channel on election night, last Tuesday. And yet just six days later, it is very possible that both those Democrats will win the seats, the ones that just the other day they had lost. How did that happen, exactly?” he began.

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