Tucker Carlson slammed warmongers lobbying for an attack on Iran by pointing out they’re the same people pushing to open America’s borders to migrants from the Middle East.

The Fox News host went on the offensive once again over criticism of President Trump’s decision to call off an attack on Iran at the last minute.

Indeed, Carlson has reportedly been privately advising Trump on the lunacy of getting the United States entangled in yet another Middle Eastern quagmire.

Tucker mocked mocked neo-con Washington Post columnist Hugh Hewitt for “accusing the president of being a weakling for not launching a trillion dollar war over a broken robot.”

Carlson then asked the most prescient question of our time.

“Isn’t it the same people who are pushing us to war in the Middle East, who are also telling us we have to accept the populations of the country in the Middle East coming to our country – how’s that work?” asked Carlson.

His guest agreed that this was “a very strange concept” before Tucker ended by saying, “It’s almost like they’re trying to destroy our country.”


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