Fox News host Tucker Carlson had Hollywood director Rob Reiner spinning Thursday night when he came on his show to talk about Hollywood’s latest video declaring that America is at “war” with Russia.

“When we say we’re at war, we are talking about a cyber war,” the 70-year-old film producer and member of the Committee to Investigate Russia group explained on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“A couple of things. First you’ve aligned yourself with people like Max Boot and David Frum who have long advocated for real wars, hot wars,” The Daily Caller co-founder told Reiner. “Both of them were big advocates of the war in Iraq predicated on the idea that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.”

“Well we have people on all sides,” Reiner replied, adding that his group is made up of hawks and doves and insisted this has nothing to do with President Trump’s election.

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