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April 8, 2012

You heard it here first.  Remember that.  Move over Trayvon Martin; the lying national media’s next racially charged obsession is developing as a story as I sit here and type.  You can read all about the story here.

In the early hours of Easter Sunday, two white men were arrested for a Good Friday shooting spree in which all the victims were black.  In custody are 19-year-old Jake England and 32-year-old Alvin Watts.  There is not much information available as of yet.  That does not really matter to how this narrative will play out in the racebaiting national media.

As with all the other antics and misadventures of the national, propagandist media as of late, the bias and bigotry of the dishonest media will be shortly on display as these Tulsa shootings become the new racial injustice de jure.  The true injustice here will be the biased and false media coverage of the story.  Next week, you’ll see the racial agitators like Al Sharpton and Spike Lee on the warpath about this story.

My question to you is, what else recently happened in Tulsa that we discussed here on the Truth Emporium, that no one in the national, racebaiter media chose to cover?  If you said the case of Tyrone Woodfork, then move to the head of the class.  You can read more about it here.  Woodfork, as you recall, is the black young man who beat an elderly white couple.  He raped and beat Nancy Strait, who eventually died of her injuries.

Woodfork’s crimes also occurred in Tulsa.  The national media didn’t discuss it.  But they will be covering these shootings of black citizens by two white men.  Why?  It is a simple and fair question to ask of the racebaiting media.

Mark my words, these Tulsa shootings will be all that the media talks about next week, and for weeks afterwards.  The media didn’t talk about what Tyrone Woodfork did.  Why?  Both sets of crimes were in the same community.  What is all that fundamentally different between the acts?  Not much, really.

And you people say there is no media bias, or narrative, in terms of race?  Get a clue.

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