Officials in Turkey are warning that a Russian and Syrian government effort to eliminate terrorists south of Aleppo and in the Hama province will result in another wave of illegal migrants entering Europe.

“Our worry is the changing profile of the refugees. Migrants who came to Turkey in the past had the hope of returning and saw Turkey as a temporary home,” a Turkish government official said on Friday.

“Now it has become a transit location. The final destination is Europe… which is why steps must be taken to restore calm in Syria. There’s little point trying to address the symptoms without solving the main problem.”

The remarks follow an effort by the European Union to keep migrants fleeing Syria in Turkey. The organization has proposed financial incentives and fast track EU membership for Turkey.

Germany, the preferred destination of many migrants because of that state’s generous social benefits, has called for EU-wide compulsory and permanent quotas for sharing the distribution of hundreds of thousands of people from the Middle East.

Germany and the EU are working on plans to “Europeanize” national borders and deny individual countries the right to control the movement of migrants across their frontiers. The EU is aware of resistance to this intrusion into national sovereignty and plans to implement it by stealth.

Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria have closed their borders to illegal immigrants arriving from Turkey and Greece through the Balkans.

The border closures have prompted migrants to seek alternative routes through Russia and the Arctic Circle to reach Norway and other countries in Europe.

The plan under discussion in Germany would also impose a EU-wide levy to fund illegal immigration.

Additionally, a EU proposal would transfer large numbers of migrants directly from Turkey into Europe and pay for camps in Turkey. The agreement stipulates that Turkey would agree to take back migrants who are not granted asylum.

The plans will be “permanent and binding” despite the opposition of 28 countries in the union.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel of “moral imperialism” after EU bureaucrats overruled dissenters, primarily states in eastern Europe.

“It is obvious that Christians are going to lose this contest, if you leave a lot of Muslims in Europe,” Orbán said in September.

“This has demographic grounds and is that Muslims can flow into unlimited numbers. We have just studied what happened in Western societies. Despite the best intentions of the local leadership, parallel societies (Christians and Muslims) have been established, the Muslim layers have not be integrated.”

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