TV writer Pat Dussault deleted his Twitter account after threatening Donald Trump Jr.’s four-year-old daughter.

“Don’t worry, we’re coming for Chloe, too,” he tweeted Wednesday morning amid the outrage over actor Peter Fonda’s tweets targeting Barron Trump.

The tweet was soon highlighted by conservative actor James Woods, who forwarded it to Secret Service.

Trump Jr. retweeted it.

Dussault, who primarily writes for Canadian TV shows, has since deleted his Twitter account in response to the fury he fueled.

The writer issued an apology that was up for a few hours before he deactivated his account entirely:

Critics, however, questioned how publicly joking about the kidnapping of a four-year-old could be construed as even remotely funny, especially given it was said by a Canadian citizen during an apparent fit of rage over US politics.

Dussault apparently wrote the offending tweet not long after Fonda tweeted out that liberals should target the children of Border Patrol agents and ICE employees.

Fonda later urged his followers to “scare the shit out of them” and “make their children worry now.”

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