A tweet encouraging consumers to steal from retail chain Walmart has amassed over 300,000 likes.

After a woman tagged the retail chain in a post explaining why liberals had a moral obligation to steal from companies that supported politicians who voted in favor of Alabama’s recent ban on abortions,

another person came along and condensed her point into a brief, but popular retweet: “STEAL FROM WALMART 2019.”

The tweet prompted confessions from Walmart shoppers who claimed to have been stealing from the company for years.

Some took the tweet as a marching order to carry out at their local Walmart,

while others, including former Walmart employees, gave tips on how best to get away with shoplifting.

While the person who amassed over 320 thousand likes noted he was joking, the original poster explained she was dead serious, going on to claim stealing from “anti-human rights” companies like Coca Cola and AT&T was necessary “in order to make the world a better place.”

It remains to be seen whether Twitter will take action against people who are openly strategizing ways to carry out large-scale criminal operations against American corporations.

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