Mike Adams
Natural News
January 9, 2013

On Monday night’s CNN broadcast of the barely-watched Piers Morgan show, infowarrior Alex Jones handed Piers Morgan his best ratings ever. He also “lost his cool,” according to the mainstream media which blasted Jones all day Tuesday, trying to paint him as a radical with “dangerous” ideas… y’know, like those insane ideas outlined in the U.S. Bill of Rights.

And yet, in those fifteen or so minutes that CNN producers even allowed Alex to remain on the show before kicking him off the set, Alex managed to broadcast a massive collection of truths that you normally never hear anywhere on the mainstream media: the dangers of psychiatric drugs, the truth about 9/11, why true Americans will fight for their Second Amendment rights and so on.

Media elitists are calling Alex Jones “bonkers” and “crazy.” But the more I thought about it, the more I realized Piers Morgan is far crazier than Alex Jones. Here’s why…

Twelve reasons why Piers Morgan is crazier than Alex Jones

#1) Piers Morgan stands for globalist lies, propaganda and teleprompter-scripted fake news. Alex Jones stands for real news, with all its unscripted passion and spontaneous outrage. Which of these is crazier?

#2) Piers Morgan thinks slaves are supposed to be “polite” while they’re being stripped of their self defense and human rights. That’s crazy! Alex Jones recognizes the threat and says “HELL NO!” and shatters the false matrix of civil obedience.

#3) If Piers Morgan has a problem with you, he’ll wait for you to leave and then say nasty things behind your back. If Alex Jones has a problem with you, he’ll just come right out and say it to your face. Which is more honest?

#4) Piers Morgan stands for higher ratings. Alex Jones stands for principles upon which our nation was founded. Is that crazy?

#5) Piers Morgan is the kind of globalist coward that would arm-twist someone else into fighting for him. He’s got armed bodyguards, after all. Alex Jones never has bodyguards and he would fight any man with bare fists. Or, if Alex were part of your fire team, he would pick up a rifle like everyone else and march straight to the front lines. Okay, that might be a little crazy, but it’s at least the kind of crazy you want on your team! Morgan is a coward. Jones is a man of courage.

#6) Piers Morgan thinks the process of enslaving and oppressing people must remain “civil” and “proper.” How crazy is that? Alex Jones thinks oppressed people must fight back at any cost to protect the liberty of future generations and beat back tyranny. That makes more sense than anything I’ve ever heard coming out of CNN!

#7) Piers Morgan thinks America would be better if it were a lot more like Britain, with all its violent muggings, police state surveillance and total censorship by insanely oppressive monarchy. That’s insane! Alex Jones thinks America would be better if it were a lot more like the Republic, where all men are created equal and there is no silly king or queen claiming some sort of spooky, superstitious “divine right” to rule over everyone else.

#8) Piers Morgan thinks that his First Amendment overrides your Second Amendment. Loonville, isn’t it? Alex Jones believes that both the First and Second Amendments are immutable, divine rights that can never be stripped from anyone. That makes total sense to me!

#9) Piers Morgan fled a media empire in the UK after being accused of involvement in a criminal hacking fraud. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. Alex Jones built his own media empire from the ground up by telling the truth, and he flees no one.

#10) Piers Morgan demands total obedience to corrupt, criminal authority. Alex Jones believes in total DIS-obedience to false authority.

#11) Piers Morgan represents the same insanely power-hungry redcoat traitors who once tried to disarm, enslave and rule over colonial America. Alex Jones represents the sound-minded rebellious patriots who rightfully shot and killed the redcoats in order to declare independence from tyranny. Piers Morgan thinks 1776 was a terrible loss for his country. Alex Jones knows that 1776 was a great victory for his. Who is more sane now?

#12) Piers Morgan eats buttered scones with light toast for breakfast. Alex Jones devours tyrants as a scrumptious snack.

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