Infowars News Director Rob Dew was suspended from Twitter nearly two weeks ago for allegedly violating the site’s terms of service, but now, his account has been magically restored and the tweets in question remain on his page.

Read Dew’s statement on the restoration of the account below:

By restoring my account but leaving up my tweets that initially caused my suspension, Twitter is admitting they were wrong to suspend my account. I encourage anyone who is suspended to appeal and not erase your “offensive tweets.” Twitter’s practice of suspending accounts with gnat fly violations by non-leftists and leaving up calls for doxxing or violence by anyone who hates Trump will spell disaster for this platform and will send it the way of MySpace. We must continue to speak out and speak the truth even if it means a timeout from the leftist bridges entrenched in Twitter.

Below is the email Twitter sent Dew, saying they were looking into his appeal request.

Twitter banned Dew on February 7th for telling liberals to “learn to code” and for a comment directed toward former CIA Director John Brennan.

This was yet another example of anti-conservative censorship by the platform that has already permanently banned Alex Jones and several others, only this time they had to admit their mistake.

Follow Dew on Twitter by clicking this link and watch a video breakdown of Dew’s suspension below:

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