Users were livid with Joe Rogan’s recent interview with Jack Dorsey over Rogan’s failure to address the Twitter CEO’s censorship policies.

The interview, which took place Friday night, currently has four times more downvotes than upvotes on YouTube.

At one point in the interview, Rogan asked Dorsey why Alex Jones was ultimately banned from Twitter, to which Dorsey replied: “Uhhh…I’m not sure, like, what the actual violations were.”

The top comment on the video (now deleted) was by Carl Benjamin AKA Sargon of Akkad, who was banned by Twitter in 2017 for “violating” its terms of service, without being provided any specific example.

“If we have a right to use social media, you have no justification for banning people, Jack.”

Mark Dice also had a top comment deleted from Rogan’s YouTube page.

“It’s a shame Joe didn’t call out Jack for his blatant hypocrisy,” said another user. “He banned Alex Jones for ‘abusive behavior’ while doing nothing about the masses of verified journos, radical identitarians and vacuous celebrities explicitly calling for violence against the Covington kids. For the ideologues running Twitter, it’s not about threats of violence, but about politics.”

Watch the full “interview” here:

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