Twitter users destroyed CNN reporter Oliver Darcy after he attacked Alex Jones’ spending habits.

Commenting on an excerpt from a New York Times article, in which writer Elizabeth Williamson combed through old lawsuits revealing Alex at one time bought four Rolex watches, Darcy tweeted, “This is the guy who decries the globalist elite,” suggesting Jones’ wealth somehow makes him comparable to the globalist cabal that runs the world.

Darcy’s comparison was roundly mocked on Twitter, where users saw right through his false equivalence.

Most regarded the tweet from Darcy, who lobbied numerous social media companies to ban Infowars, as out of touch with reality:

Many also criticized Darcy for his laser focus on what Jones spends his money on:

Others saw it as another example of the reporter’s obsession with Alex Jones:

Someone even suggested Darcy was violating Twitter’s code of conduct on bullying and harassment:

Darcy was confronted by Jones last week when the radio host flew to Washington DC for a special press conference, after which he also confronted Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.


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