Thanksgiving hosts should designate a specific room for all potentially heated political discussions and establish a moderator, according to a Los Angeles-based etiquette coach who spoke to the Associated Press (AP).

The AP spoke to etiquette coach Elaine Swann in an article titled “On the Thanksgiving menu: Turkey, with a side of impeachment.”

Swann does not necessarily recommend quashing the conversation, calling for hosts to “take a route to allow some sort of platform, but with guidelines.”

“I do think it’s healthy for people to express themselves and to have those conversations,” Swann said.

The AP offered one “tactic”: Designating a room for impeachment talk and selecting “a calm family member as a combination moderator-peacekeeper.”

One tactic: sequester the debates. She’ll have a room away from the dining table stocked with snacks for people who want to talk politics. She also suggests designating a calm family member as a combination moderator-peacekeeper.

[Alex] Triantafilou, a former judge, said that role often falls to him, although he wouldn’t mind taking a break from politics for the day.

“My preference would be to not have the conversations at Thanksgiving,” he said. “I’d rather watch football and leave politics behind.”

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