America is on high alert for terrorist threats after a spate of safety scares including two flights to Paris being diverted by bomb threats, a Muslim family being ejected from a Baltimore plane and a bomb squad being called to a Chicago airport.  

Air France Flight 55 from Washington’s Dulles International Airport to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris was diverted to an airport in Halifax, Nova Scotia, reports CNN, after a bomb threat was called in from the ground on Tuesday night.

While Flight 65, headed from Los Angeles to Paris, was diverted to Salt Lake City. Both flights landed safely and are being investigated by the FBI.

Meanwhile, more than 100 French police and special forces are involved in a gunfight with up to six suspected terrorists, including the mastermind behind Friday’s massacres, in a Parisian suburb.

A female terrorist wearing a suicide vest has blown herself up and another jihadi is dead as the siege in Saint-Denis – close to the Stade de France – continues.

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