The harpies at ABC’s The View confronted Dallas Salon owner Shelley Luther, blaming her for possibly contributing to a rise in coronavirus cases because she opened her business in defiance of lockdown orders.

During the show Monday, co-host Sunny Hostin took a swing at Luther, insinuating she’s putting employees and customers in danger for breaking the arbitrary rules and thereby contributing to an uptick in coronavirus cases.

“Shelley, coronavirus cases are already rising in Texas and across the country where restrictions have been lifted, and you’re worried about your staff and your customers,” Hostin told Luther. “I mean, I would assume you’re worried about your staff and your customers getting sick, since there’s now an uptick because of people not following the rules like yourself.”

Luther defended herself saying she believed the rise in COVID-19 cases was due to more people being tested.

“Well I think there’s a rise in the COVID cases because there’s more testing available. And that’s been discussed before, so we expected a rise in the cases,” she answered.

The owner of “Salon A la Mode” furthermore added the lockdown orders were necessary to keep hospital beds empty for corona patients, and that seems to have been accomplished as many hospitals are now laying off workers.

“What we need to look at is the number of deaths, if that is plateauing at all, and to make sure that we have room in our hospital beds,” Luther responded. “And Texas has plenty of room in their beds and are able to care for the people that need to come in at this time.”

“As a matter of fact, there’s doctors and nurses getting furloughed because there’s not enough work,” she added.

Luther made headlines in April after she was thrown in jail for defying lockdown orders and opening her salon to the public, arguing she and her employees needed to feed their children.

After Governor Abbott and other state lawmakers got involved and rescinded Luther’s sentence, freeing her from jail, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz visited the salon and received a haircut.

Here’s the full segment:

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Action 7 captures the moment that Shelley Luther, the Dallas salon owner who was arrested and sentenced to 7 days in jail for reopening her business was released.

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