The U.S. led “coalition” using the pretext to rid the world of its own creation – the al-Qaeda spawn ISIS or the Islamic State – has managed to kill more children.

From the UPI today:

One strike hit the group’s Babsaqa headquarters, bear the Syrian border with Turkey, the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. It reported two children were killed and others injured, and witnesses reported a large explosion and a building destroyed.

As we noted back in September, the U.S. excels at the sort of “collateral damage” that harms non-combatants in addition to terrorists that so far have not attacked the United States or seriously pose a threat to the American people.

Ahrar ash-Sham cooperated with the “moderate” Free Syrian Army, the U.S.-backed mercenary group now completely irrelevant in the illegal effort to topple the al-Assad government in Syria.

Like ISIS and al-Nusra, Ahrar ash-Sham is one of the most effective fighting groups in the western-spawned civil war in Syria.

In March, 2013, The New York Times admitted the CIA has delivered arms to Ahrar ash-Sham and other Salafist groups in Syria, thus feeding the monster the U.S. says it is determined to defeat.

In other words, problem-reaction-solution once again.

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