World leaders are gathered in Paris for talks to reach agreement on worldwide curbs to greenhouse gas emissions.

Leaders from over 150 nations opened the talks Sunday, which will continue for the next 12 days. Organizers hope to reach agreement on broad, non-binding limits on carbon emissions around the world.

“If we act here, now, if we place our short term interests behind the air that our children will breathe and the water our children will drink,” President Obama said at the opening of the conference. “Then we will not be too late for them.”

Left out of most news reports is the fact that carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emissions have been falling in the United States. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, carbon emissions in the U.S. have fallen 10.2 percent in the last decade. This fact flies against oceans of rhetoric about the U.S. continuing to pump carbon into the atmosphere unless there’s government action.

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