The wife of the former chairman of the Federal Reserve, Andrea Mitchell, has sent out a tweet quoting former U.S Ambassador Robert Ford, who says Russia is bombing “rebels” and civilians, not the Islamic State.

Ford, as a deep insider, knows there is little to no difference between the “rebels” and ISIS.

The establishment media has gone out of its way to prop up the illusion there is some sort of secular, non-Islamic, non-Wahhabist opposition in Syria.

News reports, even those published by the war propaganda tool The New York Times, admit the jihadists run the proxy war to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad.

Ford is a key architect of the current policy in Syria, including support for al-Qaeda.

Michel Chossudovsky writes:

Who is Robert Stephen Ford? In a bitter irony, Robert Stephen Ford is no “Moderate” as portrayed by the media.

Ford played a central role in developing the “extremism threat” scenario including the channeling of military aid to the Al Qaeda affiliated rebels.

Ford’s concern for civilians is, to say the least, disingenuous. He served as the number two man for John Negroponte, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq. In the 1980s, as the ambassador to Honduras, Negroponte was instrumental in setting up the Honduran military death squads that “assassinated hundreds of opponents of the US-backed regime.”

In January 2005, following Negroponte’s appointment as US ambassador to Iraq, the Pentagon confirmed in a story leaked to Newsweek  that it was “considering forming hit squads of Kurdish and Shia fighters to target leaders of the Iraqi insurgency in a strategic shift borrowed from the American struggle against left-wing guerrillas in Central America 20 years ago.”

Negroponte and Ford collaborated closely on the pentagon project in Iraq.

Under Negroponte’s helm at the US Embassy in Baghdad, a  wave of covert civilian killings and targeted assassinations was unleashed. Engineers, medical  doctors, scientists and intellectuals were also targeted. The objective was to create factional divisions between Sunni, Shiite, Kurds and Christians, as well as weed out civilian support for the Iraqi resistance. The Christian community was one of the main targets of the assassination program.

According to Chossudovsky the “Salvador Option” used in Central America was instrumental in the formation of the so-called Free Syrian Army (which was eventually folded into the jihadist project now operating exclusively in Syria).

“Robert Stephen Ford was part of a small team at the US State Department team which oversaw the recruitment and training of  terrorist brigades,” Chossudovsky notes.

Russia is now targeting these brigades, much to the displeasure of the United States.

Prior to the involvement of Russia, the U.S. initiated a bogus bombing campaign against ISIS while covertly — and not so covertly — arming ISIS and other jihadist groups.

It is the job of the establishment media — epitomized by the wife of a former boss at the Federal Reserve — to insist Russia’s campaign against ISIS will prolong the war.

The war, uniformly blamed on Bashar al-Assad, is a proxy conflict created by the United States and its fossilized allies in the Gulf with indispensable help from Turkey.

In the weeks ahead, as Russia begins eliminating the Wahhabist Islamic State and its allies — the latter portrayed as “moderate rebels” — we can expect more such propaganda.

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