Lupita Murillo and Michel Marizco
March 28, 2014


It’s been nearly a week since Mexico’s armed forces shot at three U.S. citizens, nearly killing one young man. The incident happened just across the Arizona border and was reported exclusively by KVOA’s News 4 Investigators. Since then, new findings reveal that what initially was reported as a shooting at an official Mexican Army checkpoint now appears to be unsuperivsed and heavily armed Mexican soldiers intimidating random passerby and opening fire.

KVOA’s findings prompted the U.S. Embassy in Mexico to insist on a full investigation into the shootings by Mexico’s attorney general’s office.

“As part of that request, we asked to be informed of the results of the investigations,” said Chad Cummins, U.S. Consul in Nogales, Sonora, whose office covers the murky region of El Sásabe, Sonora where the shooting took place.

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