The United States Air Force has deployed an aircraft designed for electronic warfare to the Korean Peninsula.

As reported by The Aviationist Monday, an EC-130H Compass Call aircraft recently left Japan’s Yokota Air Base and arrived at Osan Air Base in South Korea.

According to the U.S. Air Force, the Compass Call, which landed in Japan on Jan. 4 after traveling from Arizona’s Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, is capable of delivering precision electronic attacks to disrupt enemy communications.

“Compass Call is the Air Force’s premier electronic attack platform,” Lt. Col. Matthew Cunningham, an EC-130 aircraft commander, said last August. “It is the CFACC’s only autonomous communications jamming, electronic attack asset. This unique autonomy is attributed to a crew of about a dozen highly-specialized, competent Airmen.”

The aircraft, a modified C-130 Hercules, has most recently been used against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria as part of Operation Inherent Resolve.

The Aviationist’s David Cenciotti notes that the reason behind the deployment currently remains unknown.

“Obviously, we can’t speculate about the reason behind the deployment of the Electronic Warfare with alleged Cyber-Attack capabilities (that could be particularly useful against certain threats these days…) aircraft south of the DMZ,” Cenciotti states. “[H]owever, the presence of such a specialized and somehow rare aircraft in the Korean peninsula, that joins several other intelligence gathering aircraft operating over South Korea amid raising tensions for quite some time, is at least worth of note.”

Infowars reached out to the U.S. Air Force for comment but did not receive a response as of writing.

The aircraft’s deployment comes as the Pentagon quietly prepares for a potential conflict with North Korea.

President Trump denied in a telephone call with South Korean President Moon Jae-in last week that the U.S. was considering an attack on North Korea after reports claimed the White House was debating a “bloody nose” strike on sites across the country.

Fears over a clash between Pyongyang and Washington D.C. intensified Saturday after a text alert in Hawaii incorrectly warned of an incoming ballistic missile attack.

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