The United States is enlisting a new recruit in the fight against ISIS: Hollywood. A photo of Secretary of State John Kerry on his Twitter showed his meeting in Los Angeles Tuesday with about a dozen studio executives and Hollywood insiders.

Kerry said he called the meeting to discuss ideas about how to counter what he calls the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) “narrative,” reports CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy. But some are concerned he might be recruiting studio executives to help produce anti-ISIS propaganda.

A video that has all the hallmarks of a Hollywood movie trailer is actually a pro-ISIS propaganda piece produced by the radical Islamic terror group. Now the U.S. government is asking Hollywood for advice on how to counter that message.

“This is not just a military battle. It’s a battle of ideas, an it’s a battle of ideas between competing narratives,” said top Kerry aide Richard Stengel.

Stengel was in Tuesday’s closed-door meeting with almost a dozen film studio executives when the secretary of state made his pitch.

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