Jack Williams
October 28, 2009

New federal legislation (signed by President Obama) and agency programs have some local police and fire departments afraid to continue their policies of giving cuddly little teddy bears to comfort traumatize children at scenes of disasters.

Whether or not children are caught in car accidents, health emergencies, or cases of domestic abuse, police officers and fire-fighters have long found that little teddy bears placed into the arms of hysterical children can calm them in the midst of chaos.

But now, thanks to an over-reaching state, teddy bears will scarcely be made available to children when they most need them.

The “busy bodies” of Congress recently passed legislation entitled, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, to be implemented by the U.S. Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Then, the CPSC launched something they are calling the “Resale Round-up.”

Quoting Fox News, this Resale Round-up could prove very expensive for some of us: “Americans who slap a one dollar price tag on one of their used possessions, at garage sales or bazaar events, risk being hit with fines of up to $15 million.

[efoods]The CPSC’s Resale Round-up initiative is targeting those of us who make toys, and other products, available to children they might consider to be toxic. We, according to CPSC chair-lady Inez  Tenenbaum, “… are not only breaking the law, [we] are putting children’s lives at risk.”

All democrats and republicans who support more laws coming out of Washington should love these new restrictions of “our” ever burgeoning nanny-state. Now, police/fire departments, charities, second-hand stores, flea markets, bazaars, and garage sales promoters are at risk of fines of up to 15 million dollars, if they sell (or buy) any second-hand item that does not meet the standards of the Resale Round-up program installed by CPSC.

What are these new standards? Well there’s a lot of them, and who knows them all, except maybe some of those enforcers at CPSC. Clever, huh? More revenue that way. But for a beginning, one can consult a 24 page handbook, put out by the CPSC; but be forewarned, this handbook may not be the last word. In fact, selling (buying) any item that is composed of any recalled materials, which number in the thousands, could bring on fines of millions of dollars.

Of particular concern to CPSC chair-lady Inez Tenenbaum are choking, aspiration, and intestinal hazards to children, and the ever dangerous “tip-over” hazard sold by Sears and KMart with their play stoves.

We need President Obama to transfer Ms. Tenenbaum to the Federal Drug Administration, so she can put a stop to the “Death Hazards” imposed on our children from the pharmaceutical manufacturers of vaccines.

The Middleton, Wisconsin Police Department has come up with a subsitute for the teddy bears they used to give to traumatized children: They hand out backpacks of books. Middleton police Sgt. Don Mueller said on Madison, Wisconsin news station WISC-TV, “Books can help kids escape using their  imaginations.”

Officer Mueller, I think your heart is in the right place, but can you really see an hysterical three year old little girl poring through her gifted books, while her mother’s blooded body is being loaded into an ambulance? Are troubled children supposed to hug their new books? Hug their back-packs?

Moreover, would there not be more toxic lead on the printed pages of books, than leaded paint on teddy bears? What’s next, multi-million dollar fines on authors? Will libraries now be closed because of tainted books?

Does the CPSC even have accurate statistics on children who have been endangered by teddy bears?

Is it possible that three or four hours of daily television, supplemented with a diet of processed foods be more damaging to a child’s well-being than any hour, or so, of hugging a teddy bear?

If our current presidential administration is so inane over teddy bears, can we really trust them with their proposed health-care coverage? There are real dangers to children, Ms. Tenenbaum, that have nothing to do with toys: Depleted uranium, chemtrails, psychotronics, vaccines, television, processed foods, fluorides, and aspartame are dangerous, far more dangerous than teddy bears.

In the U.S, today, comforting a traumatized child has become a dangerous endeavor. Who are these Inez Tenenbaum type beings? Are they actually human beings? They certainly seem to be operating in a reality few of us recognize.

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