Chris Paine
July 13, 2009

“Possibly the single most transforming thing in our force,” Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has said, “will not be a weapons system, but a set of interconnections.”

Anyone who has ever been a fan of the Terminator mythos knows about the all seeing, all knowing global computer network known as Skynet. Well, the U.S. Military is working on the real deal! The GIG, or Global Information Grid is a worldwide surveillance network that will give anyone linked into it instant information, at the users request, about anything, anytime, anywhere in the world! This project, which began in 2003 under the guidance of Donald Rumsfeld, will give users a “God-Like” view of the entire world.

The Global Information Grid, which began in 2003 under the guidance of Donald Rumsfeld, will give users a “God-Like” view of the entire world.

Robert J. Stevens, chief executive of the Lockheed Martin Corporation, the nation’s biggest military contractor, said he envisioned a “highly secure Internet in which military and intelligence activities are fused,” shaping 21st-century warfare in the way that nuclear weapons shaped the cold war. Every member of the military would have “a picture of the battle space, a God’s-eye view,” he said. “And that’s real power.”

But wait, there’s more!

It seems the U.S. Air Force is investing huge sums of money, which began at a summit at the University of North Dakota, into the development of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Army! Thats right folks, and there is a flavor for everyone planned for full force deployment by 2047! Not only is their the Predator and Global Hawk that the world has grown so familiar with, but they are also developing mid- and short-range UAVs as well. All of which are currently capable of autonomously taking off, flying en route to the “mission area” and landing, allowing for minimal human interaction. The real crazy stuff comes in the form of Fly insect-shaped UAV designed for espionage. These micro-sized vehicles are capable of full audio and video transmission making secrecy a thing of the past!


As if that wasn’t enough, the payload on each of these machines vary from Infrared/Electro-optical missiles to being able to deploy nanomachine weapons engineered in various different ways. Able to infect the target(s) resulting in whatever devious malaise they are programed with and ultimately resulting in death.

There you have it folks, if they have their way, there will be a global government able to know everything your doing at anytime of the day as well as all your personal information. Able to respond to any threat instantly, allowing the elitist scum to kick back and relax while anyone defying their wishes is eradicated by an unmanned vehicle using any number of weapon types, including nanomachines, to finish the job. Include the eugenics going on today and the successful depopulation of the planet and you have a corporate elitist theme park!

Below are the main links that PPF Member Anti-Illuminati graciously found for our perusal:

Download USAF UAS Symposium PDF

Download Preliminary Agenda

Download Session and Panel Topic Briefings

Download United States Air Force Unmanned Aircraft Systems Flight Plan 2009-2047

Sources: New York Times

U.S. Air Force UAS Synopsium

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