July 23, 2009

Editor’s note: “Normalized” after a million plus dead Iraqis and a country destroyed.

[efoods]After meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri a-Maliki for over an hour, President Barack Obama said the United States is on the path to normalized relations after a long, uneven history between the two nations.

The two leaders met in Washington for the first time Wednesday as the White House and Baghdad make an effort to recast Iraq as an up-and-coming member of the international community, not a battered and politically fractured country that U.S. troops continue to occupy.

“We meet at an important moment,” Obama said at the start of a sweltering joint news conference with Maliki in the Rose Garden.

“The United States and Iraq have known difficult times together,” the president said. “And together, Americans and Iraqis can expand economic cooperation and trade that opens new doors of opportunity. Together, we can broaden our educational, our cultural and scientific engagement to make a positive difference in the lives of our people. And together, we can take steps to advance security and prosperity throughout the region and around the globe.”

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