The U.S. has green lighted sending weapons to a new group, the Democratic Forces of Syria. The group includes the Kurdish YPG militia.

It is not clear how this latest plan will work out considering the YPG’s pan-ethnic stance. It claims to protect all the communities in the region, including “Salafi-jihadi organizations that are trying to impose an Islamic state on Syria,” according to Global Security.

DIA documents from 2012 reveal the U.S. wants to establish a Wahhabist principality in Syria, so the inclusion of Salafi-jihadi organizations in the new coalition is likely not a problem.

Even more problematic is the fact the YPG has cooperated with the Syrian government.

Jason Ditz writes:

US military officials were quoted saying they were going to provide “fresh weapons” to the new faction, and get them to attack Raqqa, the capital of the ISIS caliphate. The rebels have expressed confidence that they could capture the city in “less than two months” if given enough weaponry, though most US efforts to arm rebels have ended up with ISIS coming out even stronger at the end, and with a bunch of new US-made weapons.

The YPG, a Kurdish acronym for the People’s Defense Units, is accused or engaging in war crimes, specifically ethnic cleansing. This brings into question its stated objective of protecting all communities in the region.

The AFP reported on Tuesday:

Amnesty International said a fact-finding mission to 14 towns and villages in northern and northeast Syria “has uncovered a wave of forced displacement and home demolitions amounting to war crimes carried out by the autonomous administration” led by Syrian Kurds.

“By deliberately demolishing civilian homes, in some cases razing and burning entire villages, displacing their inhabitants with no justifiable military grounds, the Autonomous Administration is abusing its authority and brazenly flouting international humanitarian law,” said Lama Fakih, Amnesty’s senior crisis adviser, AFP reports.

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