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August 23, 2013

Now that the US has made up its mind once more and “knows” that Wednesday’s chemical attack in Syria was conducted by the government and targeting the “rebels”, even as the “developed” west calls for a UN investigation to determine just that, and as the US (including the CIA), Israel and Jordan have already sent an advance military force into Syria to conduct more false flag provocations and blame it on the regime, the only next step is to soften and prepare popular opinion for what comes next.

Credit: Dvidshub via Wikimedia Commons
Credit: Dvidshub via Wikimedia Commons

And what comes next is on the front page of theWSJ this morning: “The U.S. began refining its military options for possible strikes in Syria, officials saidOfficers at the Pentagon on Thursday were updating target lists for possible airstrikes on a range of Syrian government and military installations.” Then again we have seen all this before. Surely, one of these times the administration will actually go ahead and push the button instead of just talking about it.

From the WSJ:

Officers at the Pentagon on Thursday were updating target lists for possible airstrikes on a range of Syrian government and military installations, officials said, as part of contingency planning should President Barack Obama decide to act after what experts said may be the worst chemical-weapons massacre in more than two decades.

As the Pentagon worked on its options, Secretary of State John Kerry talked by telephone with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and the foreign-policy chiefs of Turkey, Jordan and the European Union, as well as with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, officials said.

The US’ strawman for an attack is simple: assume a false flag operation was conducted in Syria, then demand full compliance with the West’s demands that it be given full investigation privileges to confirm it wasn’t a false flag operation, and scream bloody murder if those privileges are not granted. A story as old as the last Iraq war in fact. But that doesn’t mean it will stop any time soon.

The Syrian government denied allegations it gassed its own people, backed by new statements from regime allies Iran and Russia accusing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s international foes of conspiring against him. U.S. officials said they have seen “strong indications” that chemical weapons were used but that more work was needed to evaluate and collect evidence.

The regime gave no indication, however, that it would agree to Mr. Ban’s plea to let U.N. inspectors investigate the chemical-weapons allegations, as Syrian forces pressed on with an offensive in the towns around the capital where the attacks were alleged to have occurred.
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