A Syrian rebel trained by the Pentagon to fight the Islamic State plans to fight forces aligned with Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

In an exclusive interview with CNN conducted via Skype from Syria, Abu Iskander cited the U.S. training program when justifying whether or not the pro-U.S. Syrian rebels should engage Assad’s forces.

“The second rule in the training project is that we fight whoever fights us,” Iskander explained. “The Assad regime is fighting us. We will control new areas from ISIS and we will have to face Assad, shall we stay sitting without fighting Assad?”

“Make a no fly zone in Syria, then we won’t flee to Europe [as refugees], but will stay in our homes,” he added, voicing a plea common among Syrian insurgents for a no fly zone over the northern part of Syria. “We don’t want to cry [as victims] on your TV screens, instead we want the Assad regime to be stopped.”

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