Aswat al-Iraq
July 21, 2011

U.S. warplanes have attacked areas in southern Iraq’s city of Amara, the center of Missan Province on Monday and Tuesday, with live weapons, a Missan Province’s security source reported.

“Amara city had witnessed on Monday and Tuesday U.S. air attacks, using live ammunition,” the security source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency, saying that the raids have covered the areas of Ufiya and Abu-Rummana in central Amara, the U.S. Army suspects were being used by armed groups to launch rockets on the Buteira military airport, 5 km to the north of Amara.

The security source said that the air raids did not cause any human or material losses, but created a state of terror among the inhabitants of the Province, after they heard the continuous air raids.

The Buteira military airport, used by the Iraqi Army and some American forces as their base had been target for an 8-rocket attack last Saturday, 4 of them falling on the airport and others close to the venue of their launching.

Amara, the center of Missan Province, is 390 km to the south of Baghdad.

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