How much does it cost to buy a clean background check in India’s capital? Drivers for Uber Technologies Inc. say the equivalent of $130.

Uber, one of the most highly valued U.S. technology startups, requires drivers in India to submit a character certificate endorsed by police. This can be obtained for a bribe regardless of qualifications, according to three drivers for the company. Police deny this.

The Dec. 6 rape of a 26-year-old office worker in a well-to-do section of New Delhi has sparked a national debate on how to regulate taxis, long considered one of India’s safer options for getting around. Delhi banned Uber from operating and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has called on states to ban all web-based taxi services until stricter rules are in place.

“It’s not very rare for this kind of thing to happen here,” Raj Kumar, who started driving for San Francisco-based Uber three months ago, said of the rape. “This time, it’s getting headlines because a foreign company is involved.”

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