UCLA is teaching students how to pole dance.

The UCLA Sexual Health Coalition and UCLA Housing co-hosted a Sexploration Pole Art Class intended to teach students the “basic moves needed to become a magnificent pole dancer.”

“Calling all pole newbies to pole enthusiasts! Your chance to explore your inner-diva and divo! Get introduced to the basic moves needed to become a magnificent pole dancer,” reads the sign-up page for the April 19 class.

And apparently the class occurs somewhat regularly; the page claims it’s “very popular.”

“Instructor Candace Cane, who has been teaching pole classes since 2013 at venues around Los Angeles, said she plans to begin the class by allowing students time to get acclimated to the pole,” reported the student newspaper. “They can then discuss any emotions the apparatus might elicit, from fear to excitement.”

“Initiating open lines of communication will be effective in developing confidence, Greathouse said.”

One student told the newspaper that “pole-dancing has many unacknowledged merits, including sexual empowerment and combating objectification.”

Sometimes art imitates real life.

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