A ‘blacks only’ dorm for 40 African-American students is being enacted at the University of Connecticut.

The dorm, which opens this fall, is supposedly intended to help the school pool resources for an African-American student program called the ScHOLA2RS House, but critics blasted the housing plan for promoting segregation.

“Forget about this nonsense and just treat students without regard to skin color,” Roger Clegg, president of the Center for Equal Opportunity, said. “If there are students of color who are at risk or who could use some access to special programs, that’s fine, but schools shouldn’t be using race as a proxy for who’s at risk and who’s going to have a hard time as a student.”

“There are lots of African-American students who come from advantaged backgrounds, and lots of non-African-American students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.”

Reddit users also attacked the dorm program.

“This is bogus; if there was a Caucasian learning community, it would be a national headline,” one user pointed out. “But an all-black learning community is totally acceptable.”

“That is racist. That is discrimination.”

And the ‘blacks only’ dorm is being enacted as George Soros-funded groups fuel racial tensions on college campuses across the country by exaggerating the prevalence of racism in the U.S.

Just a few months ago, leftist protestors pressured University of Missouri school officials, including President Tim Wolfe, to resign after a handful of students – on a university campus of over 35,000 – used racial slurs against student body leaders.

The protestors wanted the officials to resign for refusing to acknowledge their “white male privilege,” a leftist buzzphrase which only aggravates racial divisions.

But these protestors – and school officials who think segregated dorms is a good idea – are simply engaging in a derivative of McCarthyism by raising the specter of racial tensions in an era where racism is already rejected and vilified as it should be.

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