The champion of a heavyweight UFC match claimed President Trump called him and encouraged him to win.

Speaking to Joe Rogan after the UFC 229 bout Saturday, Derrick Lewis said he received a phone call from Trump, who told him he needed to defeat his Russian opponent.

“I forgot, a few hours before the fight Donald Trump called me and told me I have to knock this Russian mother****** out because they are making us look bad on the news, you know, him and Putin and s***,” Lewis said.

Warning: NSFW – Contains graphic language

Another UFC fighter, Nik Lentz, also gave a shoutout to his “homie” Judge Brett “Special K” Kavanaugh after winning his fight.

In a comment to The Daily Caller, Lentz, a devout conservative, said his shout-out wasn’t a cheap stunt, and that as a fighter he identified with Kavanaugh and the fight he faced during the SCOTUS nomination process.

Tough fight against a great opponent I respect, who competed by the rules and had no excuses.

I gave a shout-out to Justice Brett Kavanaugh not as a cheap stunt. A moment’s research (which automatically disqualifies almost the entire MMA “media”, as well as most “mainstream” journalists as well) will make it clear my commitment to conservative values and a realistic, pragmatic approach to how I expect my Government to Govern, have been central to my online posts and discussions for many years.

In the case of the assault-on-common-sense atrocity that was the Democratic attack on m’boy Special K, it was incumbent upon me, as an American, and a Conservative, to reach out and give him a fist-bump for fighting the good fight.

As far as the allegations against him, my mind goes to a phrase from Dr. Jacques Valleé:

“What can be checked has been checked; and it leads nowhere.”

Setting aside my contempt for the obvious fllaws in reason and vacuum of corroboration attached to the allegations against him, my desire to give him a shout-out was based upon a desire to let it be known that our system WORKED, in spite of the most coordinated, corrosive, and obvious attempts to sabotage it; and that people of courage and integrity like Justice Kavanaugh had the strength and wisdom of our Founding Fathers guiding him through this process. Their hands reach back through history, firm and strong as ever, and pull us towards the future. 

For my “critics”; for you limousine liberals in Charles Schumer’s district in Park Slope who screech about “open borders” then slink back to your doorman buildings, you chanters and ranters in Golden Gate Park who advocate for “reforms” that make no sense and are based in your own self-hatred and lack of self-worth, you vicious “Antifa” cowards who have exchanged black masks for brown shirts … I suggest instead of screaming about perceived injustices, you take a moment to look inside.

I expect you’ll identify the emotional, intellectual, and political immaturity that informs all of your shrill, selfish, behaviours.

Grow up and do something productive. 

Go walk some dogs at a no-kill shelter.

Go volunteer. Somewhere. See how people who don’t think like you actually live. 

To quote Dr. Valleé again; 

“Sometimes it is important to seek out your enemies, listen to what they have to say, and then go away, and think for awhile.”

I leave that quote to my “critics” as a parting gift.

Best to all, even those I don’t agree with.

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