The Russia conspiracy narrative pushed by EU loyalists has been dealt a heavy blow in Britain, after social media giant Facebook revealed that an alleged Kremlin “troll farm” spent just 73 pence on referendum ads.

The embarrassing reveal follows an investigation by the Electoral Commission, the supposedly independent elections regulator criticised as “unfit” by Leave campaigners for its links to the European Union and partisan political entities.

The EC launched the investigation in response to consistent lobbying by Remain holdouts such as Ben Bradshaw MP — who believes it is “probable” that Russia-based “hackers” swung the referendum — and Guardian/Observer journalist Carole Cadwalladr — who received a British Journalism Award just days ago for an “investigation” into “Russia’s influence on the Brexit referendum” just days ago.

“We strongly support the [Electoral] Commission’s efforts to regulate and enforce political campaign finance rules in the United Kingdom, and we take the Commission’s request very seriously,” Facebook wrote in a letter seen by the Telegraph.

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