British trip hop group Massive Attack flashed messages concerning billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s death during a recent tour.

In their latest Mezzanine XXI tour, the band played as words flashed behind them on-stage highlighting various conspiracy theories, including one which asked “Who Killed Epstein?”

Footage of a show earlier this month showed other messages flash on giant screens behind the band, including “Building 7,” “Q,” “MK Ultra,” “WMD” “There is no wind on the moon,” and “Pizzagate,” while they played a cover of Ultravox’s “Rockwrok.”

The visuals were part of a light show devised by British documentary filmmaker Adam Curtis, at the end of which the audience is made to ponder, “Maybe all conspiracy theories are a conspiracy to make you feel powerless?” suggesting the band believes that questioning narratives propagated through the mainstream media is a bad thing.

“Suspicion is another form of control,” the last message states.

The message should come as no surprise from a band that has long subscribed to liberal ideologies.

Alex Jones discusses who has sold their soul to the devil and why.

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