A disabled man in the UK received a police visit because his neighbor offered to cut his grass during the coronavirus lockdown.

Yes, really.

63-year-old Adrian Rimington said his friend visited to offer the good deed but that after he left, two Derbyshire Police officers knocked on his door.

“One said ‘we’ve had a report from someone that your gardener entered your house in order to plug in your lawnmower’,” said Rimington.

Rimington denied that his neighbor had entered the house, saying the lawnmower cable was handed to him through a window.

Despite Rimington attempting to clear up the situation, the officers then visited his neighbor’s house and threatened the good samaritan with a fine if he repeated the behavior.

“It’s ridiculous, ludicrous,” said Rimington. “My friend lives nearby and he didn’t come into my house. I am disabled and he was simply helping me by mowing my lawn, as he has done for 15 years. He was being kind – he didn’t deserve a police warning.”

The other factor here is that the police visit was obviously prompted by Rimington being grassed up by another one of his neighbors.

Over the past week, we have documented numerous examples of police arbitrarily enforcing the lockdown law in a draconian manner.

– Two different police forces threatened to inspect people’s shopping bags for “non-essential” items, prompting the government to remind them this isn’t in the law.

– Numerous people have been fined for buying alcohol and other items deemed “non-essential,” despite this not being against the law.

– A female police officer ordered a family to go inside because their children were playing in their own front garden. Again, this isn’t against the law.

– A man received an intimidating visit from police because he reported that Muslims were visiting mosques in violation of social distancing rules.

– Another man had his door smashed in and house searched by police because they erroneously thought he was having a social gathering.

– Another police force bragged about ‘hiding in the shadows’ to catch picnic-goers in rural locations.

If police forces continue to act irrationally in enforcing the rules, which up until this point have been followed and supported by the public, that support will quickly begin to evaporate.


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