The British Prime Minister David Cameron announced the government has set a date for a referendum on whether the country should remain in the European Union.

Cameron and the British establishment are pushing to remain in the politico-economic union of 28 member states despite significant public opposition. Polls indicate Britons are nearly evenly divided on the proposal.

The PM declared the vote will represent one of the biggest decisions “in our lifetimes” as Home Secretary Theresa May pledged her support in a campaign to remain in a “reformed” EU.

Cameron added that leaving the union would be a “leap in the dark” and said he believes “Britain will be safer, stronger and better off by remaining in a reformed European Union.”

In addition to submitting the country to unaccountable and undemocratic apparatchiks in Brussels and stripping Westminster of its authority, staying in the union will subject the British people to unchecked immigration and force them to bail-out failed European countries and banking institutions. Additionally, a large percentage of the British people consider themselves Englishmen, not Europeans.

In 2013 United Kingdom Independence Party leader Nigel Farage took to the floor of Parliament and denounced the EU as “the new communism.”

“I have no question or hesitation in saying that. These people are prepared to do anything to prop up their failed model,” Farage added.

Gerard Batten, a member of the European Parliament for London for the UKIP, said during the globalist Bilderberg confab in 2013 held in Watford, England, that the European Union was designed by Nazis.

“In 1942,” Batten told Alex Jones “the German central bank under Doctor Walther Funk along with leading industrialists said how are we going to run the economies of Europe after we have won the war.” They proposed the “European Economic Community, that’s what they called it, and they had a common agricultural policy” and policies covering other aspects of trade and cultural affairs.

Batten added it is more than likely many of the Nazi economic architects responsible for drafting up plans for a common union found their way into the bureaucracy after the supranational institution began under the auspices of the European Economic Community in the early 1950s, at the same time the Bilderberg Group was established and began to hold annual meetings. The Maastricht Treaty officially established the current European Union in 1993.

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