A senior lecturer at a university in the United Kingdom says that his leftist colleagues want the coronavirus lockdown to continue indefinitely so that “racist Brexit” will be cancelled.

The lecturer’s comments were posted on Toby Young’s LockDownSceptics.org website. He wanted to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

“I’m a Senior Lecturer at a UK higher education institution currently stuck doing remote working amongst a group of typical identitarian, fair-trade, falafel-munching academics. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that my colleagues really don’t want this magic-money-tree-fuelled piss-about to end. They chirrup along quite happily to each other on Microsoft Teams about how it might bring down the “Tory Scum” Government and thus also cancel “racist Brexit”. Part of the ongoing appeal of the lockdown for them is the opportunity to spend all day safe at home baking Nordic-inspired loaf cakes, knocking out virtue signalling blogs about sustainable living (whilst simultaneously planning their next foreign holiday, of course) and angrily taking to social media to demand more white deaths from COVID-19 as a form of reparation for colonial injustices. Okay, I might have made that last one up, but you get the idea. This has become a middle-class wet dream of what the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism would look like.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced an “easing” of the UK’s lockdown on Sunday, although this amounted to very little in material changes and the wider economy is not expected to be opened until mid or even late summer.

The lecturer’s comments once again emphasize how the debate over the lockdown has been completely politicized.

Many on the left who purport to only care about ‘saving lives’ and who viciously attack anyone who advocates for an end to lockdown are only in fact doing so to exploit the crisis for power.


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