UK police are investigating incidents of “name calling between children” even as the country’s actual violent crime rate continues to surge.

According to Sgt. Peter Allan, whose Twitter bio describes him as a, “Sussex Hate Crime Sgt & Trans Equality Advocate,” police were recently called out to Burgess Hill, Sussex, to deal with a “transphobic” incident involving “Name calling between children.”


Asked, “Are you on the wind up? Name calling between children? I think you’re going a bit far with this now,” Allan responded, “Investigations don’t always lead to prosecutions. Education is really important, especially for young people. This was a non-crime.”

“Then get to work & tackle some real crime you clown instead of getting involved in children’s name calling,” responded Tommy Robinson.

On his Twitter page, Allan lists innumerable other examples of “transphobic hate crime” where comments made in the street have resulted in a police response.

Elsewhere, he complains about supermarket Tesco naming one of its product sections “Feminine Hygiene” because it might be offensive.


UK citizens may be a little miffed that the police are now apparently tasked with ‘educating’ children about offensive words and being called out to deal with mean comments while the country’s violent crime rate continues to surge.

Crime in England and Wales just saw its largest annual rise in a decade, with violent crime up by 18%, robbery by 16% and sex offences by 14%.

Acid attacks, machete attacks and stabbings, particularly in London, are also soaring.

The situation is rendered even more absurd by the fact that UK police forces are chronically understaffed, with the Met having to recently plead with retired detectives to return to their jobs to make up the shortfall.

As we reported last month, other British police forces are encouraging people to call the 999 emergency number to report offensive tweets.


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