Southern Reporter
January 27, 2012

POLICE are urging businesses to be on their guard following several diesel thefts from vehicles parked in secured yards or industrial estates.

They say that in the four days up to last Wednesday, a number of vehicles were targeted at Whitlaw Industrial Estate, Lauder. This resulted in 150 litres of diesel being removed from one heavy goods vehicle and 100 litres from another.

And an HGV, parked in a yard at Sprouston Road, Kelso, was targeted during the early hours of Monday and 100 litres taken from its tank.

A police spokesman said: “We have seen a marked increase in the number of fuel thefts from HGVs in our area.”

He added: “As a result, we would urge both businesses and members of the public to be vigilant, particularly in or around industrial estates.

“We would like to encourage people to contact police if they observe anyone acting suspiciously or loitering around such vehicles, and urge HGV owners to note their fuel levels and ensure their vehicles are properly secured when left unattended.”

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