Police and local government agencies in the United Kingdom are distributing a “pioneering” document for “empowering teachers to encourage and support” transgenderism in schools at the “earliest stages” after a four-year-old child identified as transgender.

The “School Transgender Guidance” document has been distributed to all schools in the Cornwall area, and been named as “best practice” by the UK government’s Department of Education. It says transgenderism can potentially be identified in those as young as two, and discusses powerful, irreversible and controversial treatments for prepubescent children.

The document claims: “The purpose of this guidance is to deeper ember good practice in the field of school [primary and secondary] and colleges,” and states that children as young as two years old can be identified as suffering from Gender Dysphonia.

The booklet instructs: “Awareness of Trans issues can be embedding within the [personal, social, health and economic] curriculum from the beginning,” meaning that children as young a twelve should be taught transgender ideals and gender theory. It recommends that “resources” should be available from the “earliest stage.”

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