UK Muslims are rejecting flu vaccines en masse after a religious authoritative body has warned they are non-halal.

Children attending UK schools this year will be offered AstraZeneca’s Fluenz nasal spray, but the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has warned followers of Islam to re-consider the vaccine due to its pig-derived ingredients.

“In some areas the ‘vast majority’ of Muslim parents have vowed to withdraw their children from the programme, community leaders revealed,” reported the London Telegraph.

This has caused headaches for British vaccine-pushers, who describe children as “super-spreaders” liable to infect vulnerable members of the public.

While the UK government has attempted to assure Muslims that the gelatin’s purification process removes all traces of pig DNA, the MCB says it relies on the opinions of a variety of Muslim scholars who have condemned the vaccine’s ingredients.

In a statement Monday, the MCB clarified its position saying it hadn’t “ruled the treatment was forbidden by Islam,” as reported by the Telegraph, but rather that they reflect the positions of various (unidentified) Muslim scholars.

“[T]he Muslim Council of Britain does not and has never issued Islamic rulings, that is the job of scholars who have a diversity of views,” the MCB said in a press release.

“On flu vaccines, the Muslim Council of Britain conveys the views of a diverse range of scholars: that vaccines containing porcine are not permitted in Islam UNLESS lives are at risk and there are no alternatives.”

The MCB goes on to suggest Public Health England could offer injectable vaccines, similar to alternatives provided by Scottish health authorities, which contain ingredients in accordance with Islam.

Additionally, the council insists more clarity is needed from British health officials “so that parents can make informed choices.”

This marks yet another instance where Muslim orthodoxy has challenged British progressivism.

Earlier this year, schools in Birmingham abandoned new sex education teachings at public schools after Muslims staged protests arguing the lessons on LGBTQ rights are not permitted by Islam.

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