U.K. Energy Secretary Amber Rudd announced on Nov. 18 plans to close down all coal-fired power plants in the country by 2025. The plan, to cut down on the U.K.’s contribution to carbon emissions, comes weeks before the Paris climate talks.

“We are tackling a legacy of underinvestment and aging power stations, which we need to replace with alternatives that are reliable, good value for money, and help to reduce our emissions,” Rudd said in a statement.

As of 2010, coal supplied 28 percent of electric power in the U.K., down from 67 percent in 1990.

Proposals for ending coal use by the mid-2020s has been suggested for some time across the political aisle from the Conservatives. The Liberal Democrats, voted out of the coalition government in May, had campaigned on a promise to implement a ban on coal use by 2025.

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