The United Kingdom will be able to retain both control of immigration and beneficial trading conditions with the EU member states after leaving the bloc, UK Prime Minister Theresa May said Sunday.

“We will outside the European Union be able to have control of immigration and be able to set our rules for people coming to the UK from member states of the European Union, but we also, as part of that Brexit deal, will be working to get the best possible deal in the trading relationship with the European Union,” May said in an interview with the Sky News channel.

The campaign to leave the European Union, which won the referendum held in June 2016, appealed to many people’s dislike and distrust of the influx of migrants into the United Kingdom, which many believed to have been spurred by the EU freedom of movement principle.

The United Kingdom is expected to begin the formal process of withdrawal from the European Union by the end of this March after London invokes the exit clause of the EU treaty.

The UK-EU negotiating process is scheduled to last two years. An informal EU meeting is set for February 3 in Malta, where 27 EU leaders will discuss Brexit without the United Kingdom’s participation.

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