Television channel ITV briefly went off air to encourage people in the UK to take part in the weekly ‘clap for the NHS’ event.

Yes, really.

“No TV allowed during worship,” remarked a Twitter user who took a photo of the message, which said, “We’ll be back soon – #ClapForCarers.”

Clap for carers is a weekly ritual whereby Brits are urged to stand outside their houses and on their balconies to applaud health workers.

The practice has been called cringeworthy and akin to a religious ceremony by some, but millions of normies across the country take part it in with relish.

As we previously highlighted, one mother who forgot to take part in the clapathon, which takes place every Thursday at 8pm, was publicly shamed by her neighbors on Facebook the next day.

In the United Kingdom, the National Health Service (NHS) is treated as a religious institution by many, who insist that it is the “envy of the world” and a sterling example of the supremacy of government health care.

In reality, as Dr. Theodore Dalrymple notes, “When the NHS was founded (when British healthcare was among the best rather than the worst in Europe) the population of France had a life expectancy six years lower than that of Britain; it is now two years higher.”

A ranking of health care systems by The Lancet medical journal placed the NHS below Estonia and Slovenia, finding it to have “an especially low score for cancer care.”

Dalrymple says the NHS worship clapathon reminds him of communist despotism.

“It reminds me a little, in its tendency to get longer and louder and almost more hysterical, of the applause after a speech by Nicolae Ceausescu or other communist despot, in which everyone in the audience had to show himself as enthusiastic and the most enthusiastic applauder, and to continue applauding as long as someone else was applauding, for to be the first to stop might be taken as a sign of disloyalty and dissent from the official line,” wrote the author.


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