A university in the UK is forcing students to attend a mandatory screening of a play about “consent.”

Students were sent an email by the University of Essex which stated, “You are invited to a screening of the hit consent play Can’t Touch This.”

Except it wasn’t an ‘invitation’ at all, it was an order.

“Attendance at this screening is MANDATORY,” states the email, before going on to demand that students attend one of the many screenings.


“Those who do not attend will be contacted by our student support team,” threatens the email, asking attendees to “tap in” with their registration card.

Apparently, the University of Essex has such a low opinion of its male students that it thinks they need to be taught not to rape.

Feminists have harped on about the supposed “rape culture” on college campuses for years, but their assertions are based on completely erroneous data.

The claim that “one in five women on college campuses have been sexually assaulted,” which became so widespread it was even once uttered by President Obama, has been debunked.

The stat comes from a 2007 Campus Sexual Assault online study which took samples from just two universities and asked leading questions. The study is widely accepted to be too small and too biased to be of any impartial use.

A much more credible study carried out by the DOJ found that the figure was actually one in forty women and that the overall rape rate is in sharp decline.


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