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This Sunday a Documentary (World of Wonder's Secret Rulers of the World) Featuring Alex Jones and His Infiltration of Bohemian Grove Aired All Across the UK. We Have Been Flooded with Emails from Across the UK. Here Is a Small Sample:

Alex, i saw the documentary on channel 4 last night and i am deeply heartened with the work you are doing. The images from bohemian grove are INCREDIBLE and I am honoured to write to someone who has shown the world what those scumbags get up to.

I am emailing you to say that i feel something very odd going on in the
UK right now. I live in worcestershire in the west midlands. Very close
to where i live, is a mass burial pit, for animals affected by foot and
mouth disease. I have done a little research, with the help of the foot
and mouth group at , and the evidence that is coming up is completely at odds with the official government line. They say that it is over, but they are killing 40,000 animals per day, and that is rising!

There is a wealth of theories about why the government is doing this. A
friend of mine is researching the possibility that mad cow disease has spread
into sheep, and is the reason for this massive, insane slaughter. The
government until now has officially done bse tests on 7 sheep. There is
evidence emerging in france that sheep can have TSE which is a close relative. Another theory, supported by european parliament documents, is that as the EU becomes more like one huge state, britain has too large a share of livestock, and they want the newly joining eastern european countries to carry most of the livestock for europe.

Foot and mouth is an outrageous cover-up, whatever the interpretation, and
despite this, protest has been pityfully small. Britain is a very tolerant
society and seems to accept the government at face value, or just be apathetic and cynical towards everything, without doing much. Despite Foot and mouth costing the country upwards of $60 billion to deal with, there has been little opposition.

It is this that makes me think we are being used as a testbed for new technologies. The police are taking larger and larger liberties to deal with 'criminals', also with little resistance. There is a drive to take dna samples from every single person arrested, no matter how small the crime. This DNA will be stored indefinately on a government database! Yet this is seen as fair
and reasonable by the british people.

A few weeks ago, i attended the mayday protest in london. The media hysteria beforehand, justified a huge police presence, designed to stop protests going ahead, no matter how fluffy or peaceful. I was trapped inside oxford circus in the centre of londons shopping streets, for 9 hours, whilst *6, 000* police were roaming around london trying to keep things under control. The protesters probably numbered less than 3000.

A week or so later, I saw a news story. It was the start of the elections
here, and bbc news announced there was a serious terrorist threat to london
from the 'real ira'. They showed images of armed police in heavy-duty
gear, searching cars and people. Up until around 10 years ago, a policeman
with a gun was a very rare sight. Mostly they just carried a stick to
whack people with, and some handcuffs. Since then they have been consistently given more and more equipment to deal with people and the police in this country have turned from bobbies on the beat to armies on the rampage.

This has all been apparently accepted in general society. I just wanted
to bring attention to the situation here. The tolerance levels being shown
are virtually insane in any decent society. If the american government
had tried slaying 5% of your national herd, there would have been country-
wide riots. Everyone is so disillusioned and feeling helpless here that
the NWO can march in here and do what it wants. I am convinced that some
external force is starting to impose disease and fear on this country.

In the span of a few months, we have had outbreaks of foot and mouth, swine
fever,meningitis, Tuberculosis, rabies and more. Something very strange
is happening here, and i think we are being tested for what will or won't
work across the western world.

Sorry, a bit long i know. But looking at britiain could be a vision of
the future for you. I know i'm sure as hell leaving.

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