UKIP MEP Jane Collins has slammed the Labour Party’s attitude to child abuse, accusing Mr Miliband’s organisation of trying to “keep quiet and ride the storm” during scandals such as the one that has gripped Rotherham over the past decade.

Ms. Collins – who is now on the receiving end of police protection for speaking out against the mass rape and child abuse of thousands of young girls at the hands of Pakistani men – said on the BBC’s Sunday Politics programme that Labour should rename itself the ‘PPP – The Paedophile Protection Party’.

She explained: “I am sick to death of Labour pretending to care about the plight of abused kids in this country and particularly in Rotherham, when all the evidence suggests otherwise. Just look at what has come to light this year.

“Labour’s Deputy Leader Harriet Harman and Labour grandee Patricia Hewitt were heavily linked with the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), a group that wanted to drop the age of consent to 10, so they could carry out their sick attacks legally. This is also a group that campaigned for paedophile rights. What rights should a paedophile have over a defenceless child?”

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