Kurt Nimmo
February 28, 2014

The United Nations, once again fulfilling its role as prime facilitator for the financial elite, will hold a closed door session on the situation in Ukraine. The move by the Security Council comes after the nationalist coup installed government in Kyiv demanded a hearing in response to moves by Russia in Crimea.

Violence in the Rada during vote on Russian language law.

“Due to the deterioration of the situation in the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea, Ukraine, which threatens territorial integrity of Ukraine… I have the honor to request an urgent meeting of the Security Council in accordance with Articles 34 and 35 of the U.N. Charter,” Ukraine’s U.N. Ambassador Yuriy Sergeyev wrote to Lithuanian Ambassador Raimonda Murmokaite.

The articles mentioned cover situations and disputes that may lead “international friction” and “which are likely to endanger international peace and security” under Article 11.

Ukraine had earlier demanded signatories to the Budapest Memorandum uphold the territorial integrity of Ukraine. “The United States of America, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, reaffirm their commitment to Ukraine… to respect the Independence and Sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine,” the memorandum states.

Even though the United Nations and the Security Council usually do the bidding of the United States and its global financial elite overlords, Ukraine should be advised to tread lightly when it petitions the internationalist forum.

According to the Declaration on Principles of International Law concerning Friendly Relations and Co-operation among States in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, states are required to conduct “themselves in compliance with the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples” and have a “government representing the whole people belonging to the territory without distinction as to race, creed or color.”

Ukraine is not doing this at present. Coup leaders recently abolished a law permitting regions of the country to make Russian a second language. Even the European Union, staunchly behind the coup and the installation of the militant Euromaidan revolutionaries in the Verkhovna Rada, is concerned about the rights of minorities in the country.

The new Ukrainian government should signal very eloquently to the ethnic minorities in Ukraine that they are welcome in Ukraine; that they are going to be part of the new Ukraine. And also Ukraine is a member of the Council of Europe, [with] its laws on protecting minorities,” said Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski after the language law was enacted.

Francis Boyle, Professor in International Law at the University of Illinois College of Law in Champaign in Illinois, told Voice of Russia on Friday “you have the Russians being stripped of their language, so it’s clear cut discrimination here against Russians. You are hearing public demands in Kiev that Russians be killed, and things of this nature… So I’m not saying that I’m supporting succession [of Crimea], but this is very dangerous what the rabble in charge of Kiev have done here in stripping the Russian speakers of their native language, and as we know the capability to speak a language goes to the very heart of any people, no matter who they are.”

Racial and ethnic hatred on the rise in Ukraine.

There is a right of association, and political association, and to establish political parties,” Boyle continued. “I’m not a Communist myself, I’m a political independent, but they certainly have a right to have a Communist Party if they want to, and today we just saw that the leader of the Communist Party in Kiev – they burned his home down. So, we have a chance that Russians and Communists and Jews should be killed over there.”

Boyle noted that Ukraine is a party to the European Convention of Human Rights.

The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding has voiced concerned about Ukrainian minorities, specifically Jews and Muslims, the latter primarily Crimean Tatars. There are approximately 300,000 Jews and 500,000 Muslims living in the country.

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