While the world was celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, a UN agency tweeted out a message claiming that motherhood is a ‘penalty’ for women.

It’s unlikely the Virgin Mary would agree.

The message, tweeted out on Christmas Eve, appeared on a mock ‘speeding ticket’ which claims “being a mother” is a violation cited by “Officer P. Atriarchy,” with the date of the offense given as the “beginning of time,” which ostensibly refers to the time of Adam and Eve, a Biblical story which has been attacked as the source of “patriarchy.”

Notably, the tweet lists all the supposed disadvantages of being a mother but none of the advantages.

Case in point, it lists “higher rates of poverty in older age” as a penalty for being a mother, but it doesn’t point out the streaks of loneliness that a childless elderly lady might face.

Some childless women over 35 are already dealing with depression over childlessness because they realize that the stellar career they’ve spent their youth chasing after – at the expense of motherhood and everything else – doesn’t fulfill them.

This demonization of motherhood would lead to the extinction of the human race if left unchecked – and it’s already leading to declining birth rates in the West.

And the timing of the tweet was a veiled attack on Christianity, but it did cause considerable backlash – and not just from devout Christians.

Watch this sketch based on the radio show of Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and compare it to the ‘motherhood is a penalty’ tweet:

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