Cassandra Anderson
October 6, 2011

Dear Indian Farmers:

indiaUNI am writing to you because your government is trying to fool you.   It was announced that India is suing Monsanto for ‘biopiracy’.  They want you to believe that their legal action will stop Monsanto, but it is a trick by your government and the United Nations.  The Environment Support Group (ESG) who initiated the action has close ties to the United Nations- be careful of who you trust.

This case is about Bt Brinjal, a genetically engineered form of eggplant.  Because of your massive outrage over its introduction into the market last year, the Minister of Environment was forced to temporarily ban it from commercial cultivation until the safety issues are resolved.  Bt Brinjal is dangerous.  It was shown to cause liver damage, immune suppression and reproductive disorders when studied in rats.

Your Prime Minister is currently under pressure to commercialize Bt Brinjal and bring it to market.  The ban is only temporary.

Because brinjal is a perennial plant that lives longer than 2 years, it is very vulnerable to contamination.  This means that if Bt Brinjal is allowed to be cultivated, over time, your natural brinjal will become polluted with the Bt Brinjal genes.  Your farms are at grave risk for contamination if the ban against Bt Brinjal is lifted, or if Bt Brinjal is being planted right now in test fields.

Stopping the planting of Bt Brinjal to prevent contamination of farmland is very important because the crop has been shown to be harmful to health in animal studies.


brinjal_2The ‘biopiracy’ case is weak.  A news report defined biopiracy as stealing indigenous plants and trying to make genetically engineered versions without giving any compensation to the local people or the nation from where it originated.

Suing for biopiracy seems pointless because even if the exact origin of the plant could be proven, who really OWNS a plant that has been around since ancient times?  And who would be compensated?  The government that betrays the public?

Biopiracy means nothing unless a product is commercialized and brought to market.  If Monsanto never brings Bt Brinjal to market, there will be no profits for compensation.  The intention of this case seems to be to bring Bt Brinjal to the commercial market and then compensate some unnamed party.

Biopiracy seeks compensation through profit sharing.  What does a little money as compensation mean compared to the result of a ruined staple crop and serious health issues?

This case appears to be a way to diffuse public outrage.

India is powerful.  Historically, India knows how to organize the masses to oppose tyranny.  India successfully stopped the commercialization of Bt Brinjal last year when the Minister of Environment banned Bt Brinjal.  India must rise up again.  It appears that the Minister of Environment and your Prime Minister have the power to stop Bt Brinjal.


Monsanto-SkullAccording to this legal evaluation of the case, India vs Monsanto, there is no standing for this case in a Court of Law.

The reason for this is because Bt Brinjal was developed by a collaboration between Mahyco, an Indian company that is 26% owned by Monsanto, and other partners as a RESEARCH project.  Only cases concerning COMMERCIALIZATION may be heard in a Court of Law.  Obviously, Mahyco/Monsanto intended to commercialize Bt Brinjal as they tried to bring it to market, but the collaboration agreement states that Bt Brinjal was developed for research purposes.  In other words, the collaboration contract was misleading in order to keep this out of court.

The UN allied Environment Support Group alleges that Mahyco/Monsanto & partners failed to get research clearance for the use of native Indian brinjal from the National, State and Local Biodiversity Authorities.  These allegations are weak because:

1.  There was implied approval of the Mahyco/Monsanto collaboration project by the national government, so it may be argued that national approval was granted.

2.  Because the Mahyco/Monsanto project was stated to be a research project focusing on technology transfer instead of commercial goals, approval by the State may be waived and it will be kept out of court.

3.  The National Biodiversity and State Biodiversity Authorities should have consulted with the Local Biodiversity Boards, so Mahyco/Monsanto are off the hook for this charge.


un2The National Biodiversity Authority (NBA), an agency of your national government, is bringing the legal action to determine whether Biological Diversity Act, a national Indian law, was violated by the national and state governments.  This amounts to the government investigating itself. 

India’s NBA and the Biological Diversity Act were created after India signed the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, which is a treaty designed to kill national independence, and to steal land and resources.  The treaty is part of the United Nation’s Agenda 21 Sustainable Development global plot to replace national Indian law with the UN’s international laws.

In order to stop Monsanto, you must understand the big picture and the UN is at the top.  The UN unfairly manipulates global trade markets, including food, through the UN World Trade Organization using treaties.  The intent of the UN is to control the world’s food supply. 

The UN uses financial aid to countries to buy off politicians.  The people rarely receive any benefits from the financial aid.  The United States is the largest financier of the UN.  The UN aims to rule the globe as the seat of One World Government.

Beware of all parties and individuals who have ties to the UN- this includes the Environment Support Group.

Most of the information presented in this video comes out of an 1100 page book, the UN Global Biodiversity Assessment report that is the cornerstone of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity treaty that India is following.  Please note that this book advocates depopulating the world by 85%.


against-bt-brinjalThe ultimate goal is to remove India from its membership in the UN, canceling all UN treaties.  A full understanding of of UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development’s goals of depopulation and total control is necessary to get rid of bad UN policies in your national, state and local governments.  This may be accomplished through massive public awareness and action.

It is also important to understand controlled opposition, like organizations who are pretending to help you but are really mis-directing you toward ineffective action.  Many environmental groups that do this have ties to the UN.

Individually, farmers can band together to reject genetically engineered crops and to educate each other.  Farmers may pressure their local governments to ban genetically engineered crops. 

The state governments have tremendous power!  The State of Uttarakhand banned Bt Brinjal BEFORE the national government took action!

The seats of power in your national government appear to be the Minister of Environment and the Prime Minister.  New laws requiring proof of safety of genetically engineered crops would be a good first step.

Farmers who sign contracts with Monsanto or other engineered seed companies are trapped by the contract- especially if it is a blank piece of paper.  Please reject these contracts.


I am deeply saddened that many thousands of farmers who committed suicide after their farms were damaged due to planting Monsanto crops.

A few months ago, it was reported that some Indian farmers beat a Monsanto representative when he denied that there were problems with the failed crops.  The anger and despair you feel can be used constructively to educate your fellow farmers about the dangers of planting genetically engineered crops:

1.  Reject contracts and buying genetically engineered seeds- it is a trap.
2.  Remember that subsidies come with obligations.
3.  Share the information about the health dangers of genetically engineered crops.
4.  Tell other farmers about the contamination threat to nearby fields- especially for Bt Brinjal.

India has a big advantage in getting rid of genetically engineered crops because there is a large public awareness of the problem.  Massive public protest against Bt Brinjal last year resulted in a temporary ban.  The pressure must continue to ban ALL genetically engineered crops permanently at every level of government (local, state and national, but especially the state government).

From your friend in freedom and health,

Cassandra Anderson

PS: If you are reading this, please help to get this information into the hands of the Indian farmers, as I have no contacts in India.

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