Aaron Dykes
December 9, 2011

Tonight’s Friday, December 9, 2011 edition of the Infowars Nightly News brings an exclusive and damning look at the United Nation’s climate talks in Durbin, which aims to put nations under carbon-based debt and commit genocidal policies against the poor. Alex is joined by Lord Christopher Monckton and Climate Depot’s Mark Morano to discuss the latest attempt to build world government on a foundation of eco-fascism.

Specifically, Monckton writes that the summit aims include: “A new International Climate Court will have the power to compel Western nations to pay ever-larger sums to third-world countries in the name of making reparation for supposed “climate debt”. The Court will have no power over third-world countries. Here and throughout the draft, the West is the sole target. “The process” is now irredeemably anti-Western.

In other news, another unsettling sign post has cropped up in the wake of the Senate’s passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), as the Army has now reportedly designated a special prison guard unit for securing ‘civilian detainees.’ A similar job posting was advertised under the National Guard in 2009, which Infowars reported on at the time. Only days ago, leaked documents from inside KBR, a Halliburton subsidiary, announced the activation of FEMA camps, with calls to staff a wide array of services inside the temporary emergency facilities.

Later, Alex will interview ‘Don Jon’ Corzine about the his testimony before Congress about the missing funds at the now defunct MF Global over which he once presided. The former Goldman Sach’s CEO, New Jersey governor and senator was subpoenaed to testify, though many observers consider it to have been merely a formality. Like other top elites who have appeared on this program, or otherwise been discussed, ‘Don Jon’ is “sorry” for his role in breaking down society and propping up a ponzi scheme. Former President Bill Clinton has also been connected with MF Global, as one of his advisory firms was found to receive $50,000 per month from MF.

Alex will cover a host of other topics as well, including:

Obama Administration Launches Major Anti-terror Propaganda Offensive

Bush Press Secretary Calls Ron Paul “Nuts” Following 9/11 “Glee” Comments

Risk of Israel/U.S. strike on Iran has tripled: Barclays Capital

Moscow sees ‘no military component’ in Iran’s nuclear program

DHS Shut Down Blog For A Year On False Pretenses

Ron Paul Dominates Favorable Twitter Election Coverage

House Republicans look to ‘strip’ TSA screeners of their ‘officer’ title

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